The Eagle’s View (Week of December 16)

Planning Ahead

December 19Spirit Day - Cozy and Comfy
December 20 - January 5NO SCHOOL - Winter Break

December Lifeskill Focus: Caring

Winter Staff Appreciation Luncheon!

Let’s say a big thank you to our amazing Mt. View staff with a winter appreciation luncheon. Sign up at the link below to bring soup, crock pots, side dishes and supplies. The luncheon will be on Monday December 16th, and all donations will need to be present by 10:30am please. Thanks for your contributions, and supporting the wonderful staff members at our school!

Celebrations in Classrooms

We are implementing the district’s Wellness Policy which will impact how we celebrate birthdays and special events around school.  If you have traditionally sent in treats with your child, please be aware that sugary foods (cupcakes, donuts, cookies) will no longer be allowed.  We know how meaningful birthdays are and we still look forward to celebrating with your child. Your child’s teacher can discuss alternative options with you specifically, but below you will find several suggestions of non-food or healthy alternatives:

Birthdays and Holidays Without Food

  • Allow extra recess time instead of classroom party time. Birthday students can lead an active game for everyone.
  • Have dance parties. Birthday students can lead and pick out the music.
  • Instead of candy-filled birthday or holiday bags, have party bags with non-edible items (trinkets, school supplies such as colored pencils, erasers, markers, bookmarks, stickers, etc.).
  • Play special active party games. Birthday students can lead.
  • Read a book related to the party theme. Parents can purchase a book for the classroom or check one out from the school library in their child’s name for their birthday and come to school to read the book.

Healthy Food and Beverage Ideas

  • Air popped popcorn (without the butter)
  • Fresh fruit assortments (store bought)
  • Fruit sundae bar party with fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, and granola.
  • Vegetable trays (store bought)

This link will provide more information regarding the standards that our Wellness policy follows:

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office.

Student Absences Due to Illness

At Mt. View we have not seen a high number of absences due to illness.  Thank you for picking up your children promptly when they are not feeling well and keeping them home until completely symptom free.  To help you make the decision to send or not send your child to school, the following guidelines will help:

Information about norovirus was shared with staff and families.  If you did not receive the message from the district office, please let us know.

Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found continues to grow!  If your child is missing an item, please stop by during school hours (check into the office first).  During winter break, we will be donating all items that are left. It is a good idea to put your child’s name on the item – it makes it so much easier to return it.

Community Flyers

Community Flyers are now shared on the Corvallis School District website!  Learn about programs, sports, and opportunities in our community.  Click the button below to view current flyers.

Stay Connected & Get Involved

There are so many ways to stay connected and get involved with Mt. View! We have our e-news that is delivered via email and our website.

For more information about volunteering at our school, please visit the district’s website Volunteer page.

Mt. View is also active on social media