When to Keep Your Child Home

The staff would like to thank our Mt. View families for keeping children who are not feeling well at home, and for arriving quickly when we need to call for children to be picked up.  It helps to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

To report an absence or late arrival to school, messages can be left on our attendance line, 541-766-4761.

Communicable Disease Control Measures - Guidelines for Exclusion

Student Symptoms or Diagnosed IllnessStudent May Return to School When:
Fever greater than 100 degrees (orally)Fever free for 24 hours without the aid of Tylenol or fever-reducing medication
Rash or rash with fever - new or sudden onsetRash disappears
Vomiting and/or diarrheaSymptom free for 24 hours
Cough - deep, barking, congested or productive of colored mucousSymptom free of antibiotics for 48 hours
Pink EyeCall office
Strep Throat diagnosed by a doctorAntibiotics for 24 hours
Chicken PoxExcluded from school while rash is present. Even with vaccination, symptoms can appear
Head LiceCall office or review the policy at https://www.csd509j.net/departments/health-and-wellness/dealing-head-lice/