Students in library

Our library is open for student use during morning break from 10:00 - 10:15 am. Students also have library for 30 minutes every week.

Students reading a book together

Library Resources

If you would like to volunteer in the library, please contact our librarian. Other resources are available below.

Class Schedule for Library Time

MondayMrs. Baumgartner1:30 pm
MondayMrs. Hicks2:05 pm
TuesdayMrs. Holden9:30 am
TuesdayMrs. DeMeo10:15 am
TuesdayMrs. Klein1:30 pm
TuesdayMr. Reynolds2:05 pm
WendesdayMrs. Roush1:15 pm
WednesdayMs. Drahn2:05 pm
ThursdayMs. Loggins9 am
ThursdayMs. Berg9:30 am
ThursdayMrs. Black1:15 pm
ThursdayMs. Schultz1:50 pm
FridayMr. Papineau9:30 am